Want to Shift Your Energy
to a Higher Level in 2022?

In this 1-hour energy session, you’ll get:

  • Help shifting your energy to super-size and laser-focus your goals for your life around health, wealth and success and get them!
  • Help connecting to your inner higher wisdom and loving guides to validate your path forward for 2022 and empower you even more.
  • A supportive group of people to co-create the rest of 2022 and beyond.

Everyone is invited. Join us with an open mind and open heart to move into life with power, joy, and confidence!

Jennifer will lead you in a group super-charged Theta Healing and Barbara will lead you in powerful Guided Imagery and connecting with your guides.

Details & Important Information

Day & Time: July 10th from 3:00 – 4:00 pm PT             

Cost: $26

Location: Zoom link sent with registration

This workshop will be recorded if you would like to listen later.

If you’re struggling to manifest the life you’ve always dreamed of, it’s possible that something deep within you is blocking your path. That’s where Barbara comes in.

Barbara’s work helps  you connect with your intuition, that inner voice that leads you to your perfect path in life. She teaches you to listen to your deep inner wisdom that may have felt hidden or undiscoverable. She teaches you how to build an energetic template that draws to you what you would like out of life, and helps motivate you to the actions that are most efficient to creating the future you desire.

You’re the type of person who is usually motivated and clear, but you may have felt a little lost or disconnected from your inner wisdom lately. Barbara can work with you to help you get back to that certainty path.

Develop your intuition

Create Your Energetic Template

Connect With Your Higher Self

Manifest Your Happiest Destiny

About Barbara

Barbara Cox, PhD, is a psychologist and coach for innovative leaders, and a business consultant, whose advice has been featured in local and national publications, including MSN.com and Cosmopolitan and Conscious Company. She specializes in helping innovative leaders and organizations through her classes, trainings, and personalized sessions that blend positive psychology, peak performance hypnosis, intuitive tools, and meditation.

She also writes fiction and non-fiction stories with the themes of individual empowerment, community-building, and personal awakening. She has presented at places such as UNESCO’s Organization of World Heritage Cities Conference on building community in cities.

Barbara started her career as a scientist, having earned a B.A. in Biology from the University of California, San Diego. She worked as an environmental scientist, most notably organizing environmental projects for the Department of Defense (DOD). During her time in this role, she coordinated permits, wrote environmental articles, coordinated with base media to spread the word on new environmental projects, and ran community focus groups.

From there, she branched out into working for environmental consulting firms. “I loved managing large-scale projects; however, I wanted to get involved in more ‘people’ work,” she says, “so I went on to receive a doctorate in health psychology from Alliant International University (AIU), with further training in hypnosis and peak performance coaching.” Eventually, Barbara ventured forth to study more esoteric subjects and to look at the larger meaning of life, beyond left-brained science. She completed a intuitive training program through Berkeley Psychic Institute. She enjoys working with clients and companies who consider themselves grounded, logical intellectuals, yet open to explore and grow their intuitive side and wanted to use innovative tools to bring out their innovation, creativity, and business vision. Barbara uses a holistic, integrated approach that incorporates both traditional goal- setting techniques, as well as alternative techniques such as business constellations, meditation, NLP, Qi Gong, and hypnosis to help leaders and organizations reach their goals more quickly.

Work with barbara

Interested in working with Barbara to develop your intuition and create the life you’ve always wanted? Great! Getting started is easy. Send Barbara an email through the form below and she’ll contact you to set up some time to talk!